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“Haritha Engineering and Construction” is a Chennai based company established in 2018 with the vision of serving the wide client base in the field of Automotive, Engineering, Construction, Projects and in turn contribute to the growing economy of the state and country.

Since the date of inception, the company has steady growth and serving government, public and private companies in India and Gulf Countries. Our Managing Director has 30 years of experience in the above fields and with his visionary direction, the company strives to excel and take a leading position in the market. We believe in continuous improvement and partnering with the client is the best strategy. Hence joining hands with the clients, we continue to set higher standard for us and approach to meet and beat the same each time. Our growth path continues…….


Managing Director of Haritha Engineering and Construction Company.

Our Mission

Haritha Engineering & Construction Co.: Crafting innovation and efficiency through specialized machines, automation, and precision fabrication. Building industrial, infrastructure, residential, and commercial projects with expert consultancy and project management.

Our vision

Haritha Engineering & Construction Co delivers specialized engineering solutions including Special Purpose Machines, Automation, Machining, and Fabrication. Our expertise spans Industrial, Infrastructure, Residential, and Commercial projects, complemented by Project Management and Outsourced Services.

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Haritha Engineering & Construction Co. offers specialized engineering solutions including Special Purpose Machines, Automation, Machining, and Fabrication. We excel in diverse construction projects and provide expert consultancy services with unwavering commitment.

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