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EPIC project management of Projects and Business process and any management of change.

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Project Management

At Haritha Engineering & Construction Co. Project Managers, our scalable resources and customized solutions add up to measurable value for our clients. Our Project Management team can maximize value for our clients in terms of cost control, quality assurance and meeting the deadlines.

Our extensive experience and comprehensive approach to every project is delivered by a team of professionally qualified and highly skilled project managers with expertise in architecture, interior design, planning, construction, contract negotiations and all aspects of project management. We ensemble the activities such as planning, scheduling and maintaining through an established platform of integrated services to successfully achieve the objectives of our clients.

Scope of our Project Management Services:

Appointing Architects and Consultants for Electrical, HVAC, Network, Fire Alarm System, Security Systems, Access Control, CCTV etc.,

What are a Special Purpose Machine (SPM Machine) and its features?

A Special Purpose Machine (SPM) is a machine designed for a specific application or product. It is tailor-made to carry out a particular process or task, making it exceptionally efficient in terms of time, cost, and precision.

Features of Special Purpose Machine: –

1. Customized Design: These machines are engineered and designed to meet a specific requirement or process, which requires extensive customization.

2. High Precision: SPMs are known to deliver extremely high precision and accuracies in their specific applications, which are often impossible to achieve using conventional machines.

3. High Production Rate: An SPM eliminates the need for manual intervention and human errors, thereby facilitating continuous production at high speeds.

4. Reduced Labor Costs: By automating repetitive or complex tasks, an SPM can help reduce labor costs and improve overall efficiency.